8th April 2009

6th April 2009 - The Rendezvous Club

The Rendezvous Club meets once a month to explore Canvey Island

Issued by the Met Office at 5.05am on Sunday 5th April

Humber, Thames, Dover Wight, Portland.

Variable 3 becoming Southeast 4. Mainly fair. Fog patches for a time in Wight and Portland. Moderate or good occasionally very poor in Wight and Portland.

The Sheldon Tapstries

Inner landscapes

'Each one of us should make a surveyor's map of his lost fields and meadows. In this way we cover the universe with drawings we have lived. These drawings need not be exact. But they need to be written according to the shapes of our inner landscapes.'
Gaston Bachelard

from The Wild Places by Robert Macfarlane

2nd April 2009

The studio

Issued by the Met Office on 2nd April

Humber, Thames, Dover Wight
Northeast becoming variable 3 or 4 occasionally 5 at first. Slight fog banks, mainly Humber and Thames. Moderate occasionally very poor.